Heather Dileepan

SEO copywriter, content strategist, and wordsmith. Owner of HD Copywriting. Former digital marketing manager.

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How to Get Sleep as a Freelancer

In 2018, over 56 million Americans worked as a freelancer, 61% of whom intentionally chose freelance employment over a traditional role. Why are so many skilled workers today choosing the gig economy over the stability of a 9–5 job? Freelancers report higher job satisfaction and happiness, enjoying the flexibility that comes with working independently. Technology and the growing availability of remote work have also increased opportunity, providing a viable income stream for those seeking alternative employment.

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Streaming and Sleep

There are many factors to consider when connecting our streaming habits with poor sleep. Binge watching can lead to a significant increase in viewing time, which can push our bedtimes later and decrease our desire to sleep in the moment. There’s also a psychological component to streaming as it relates to de-stressing and relaxation. As an overworked nation, many turn to the ease of TV to unwind but may not be able to monitor its effect on our nighttime schedule.

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Online MBA Programs | Find the Best Schools of 2019

Want an MBA but aren't sure how you'll find the time? We help busy learners find, enroll, and earn their online MBA. An online MBA is a flexible program perfect for busy professionals who need to balance their education with other responsibilities. Use our MBA rankings to start your search or explore our comprehensive, hand-researched database of schools that offer an online MBA or concentration program.